Our Story

I've always loved dogs, and candles. A few years ago I purchased some candle making supplies from a dog show friend, and after a few "lessons" in my basement I started making candles. Sold lots of bakery scented candles at markets, and craft shows.

Then the Pandemic. No dog shows, no markets, no craft shows.

During this down time I kept going over and over in my head - how can I combine my love for dogs and candles....candles for dog people....create a candle reminiscent of your dog. YES! Thus SNIFF Candles was born.

I'm starting with a candle for my dogs, Chihuahuas. Then, scents for many, many more. SNIFF will have candles for Pure Bred Dogs, Happy Mix Dogs, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Rescue Dogs. The list is endless!

SNIFF will also be giving a portion of sales to Dog Clubs/Organizations involved with Rescue. As sales start to come in, SNIFF will post the donation recipients.

SNIFF also encourages candle buyers to reuse/re-purpose the jar. Labels are removable, the lid is beautiful unfinished hardwood with our logo stamped on the top. Perfect for trinkets or jewelry, you decide.

Happy SNIFF-ing!